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Mike Kelley (1954–2012), The Mobile Homestead in front of the abandoned Detroit Central Train Station, 2010. Photograph by Corine Vermuelen.

Congratulations to MOCA Detroit for receiving an Artistic Innovation and Collaboration (AIC) grant to support programming around Mike Kelley’s Mobile Homestead! Mobile Homestead, a full-sized replica of Kelley’s childhood suburban home in Detroit, is a cross between an installation and a community center. The grant will allow MOCAD to expand programming for the installation, which Kelley envisioned as a place that could hold a diverse group of community events and programs, as well as more “covert” activities in its basement that was originally intended to be private for his use.

We’ve just announced the full list of 2013 AIC grantees and can’t wait to share updates about their projects in the coming months and years.


A magic carpet ride through NYC


God, I love snow

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e la  t e  d ei x a  c om  sa u d ad es
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